Classic Bedroom interior design in Traditional style

Classic Bedroom interior design in Traditional style - view #1

This Master Bedroom is located in the southwest corner of the second floor of the house. It is a spacious room with a separated bathroom and the wardrobe room. The bedroom deserves some special mode as it is going to be a relaxing shelter where owners spend most of their vacant time, resting and restoring their forces for the upcoming activities.

The main decisive factor in the bedroom interior design is always space which must be transformed into a cozy room with enough space for owners and comprehensive design. We always keep functionality and practicality features in our minds designing this special intimate space. Thus, we have had this amazing design to work for the owner’s needs. It is quite a large room therefore for us there is a set of the tasks related to its layout.

Classic Bedroom interior design in Traditional style - view #2

What is more, there is always an issue of proper placement of the bed in such spacious bedrooms. That is the number-one priority of the bedroom space organizing. The bed is the focal element in the room, everything else is placed around it and positioned in accordance with it. As we can see from the illustration above, the bed itself is positioned opposite to a wide floor-to-ceiling window, ideally facing a wonderful view. There is also direct access to the balcony.

Royal bed Turri Arcade Royale is the best choice for this bedroom interior design. In addition to a bed, from the same collection TURRI Arcade Royale, we have chosen nightstands which have larger surfaces. Besides nightstands, there are proper cabinets with drawers, where owners can store their personal belongings.

Classic Bedroom interior design in Traditional style - view #3

Following the traditional English manner, the bedroom is furnished with the dressing table with a mirror and a padded stool from the TURRI Arcade Royale collection. Seating place is also essential for this wide and luxurious bedroom, so there are comfortable armchairs from TURRI Mira on both sides of the dressing table. Owners should really feel relaxed from the very first moment they enter the bedroom, and a grouping of lovely seats is just perfect to achieve that. Also, we have added a small writing table TURRI Arcade Royale and gave it it's own lighting. The writing table perfectly fits into the interior and is ideal for finishing up work easily at the end of the day or just to cope with the small tasks around the house.

Classic Bedroom interior design in Traditional style - view #4

The bedroom lighting is special, and, in this case, functionality is what matters the most. To create beautiful and functional lighting we apply a set of various light sources. There is the general illumination of a ceiling by the linear LED lamps, both wall lamps, desk lamps, floor lamp, and, of course, central chandelier. In the interior of this bedroom, we used Osgona Sintesi chandelier and wall lamps, Osgona Fastosita table lamps as well as a floor lamp. All lights perfectly coincide with the color scheme and the overall decor.

Classic Bedroom interior design in Traditional style - view #5

Walls of the bedroom are decorated with the wood panels, painted in white color with Escolys Wilton textiles inserts as well as dark-wood inserts. It is truly demonstrated how the classical dark hardwood flooring inspires warm and welcoming emotions. For a more relaxing mood, we incorporate several tones (that don’t intensify the senses too much) by painting walls and using subtle decorations. We apply white color, nearly creamy beige and natural dark-wood colors, some gold, even a light shade of lilac is effective. This Master bedroom interior is both beautiful and functional. And the most important that the interior design corresponds to the requirements and lifestyle of its owners.

Author of the project - architect, interior designer Victor Kucherenko.