Excellent classic interior of the private residence hall

Excellent classic interior of the private residence hall - view #1

Our new project is a large and luxurious entry hall. It is the hall which combines the function of the foyer and rest zone and has a split-level space with a gallery on the second floor. The interior of this hall is executed in classical style and, it is not just a hall - it is the huge flowing space which unites various functional zones of the luxurious and big house.

Conciseness and grandeur, austerity and luxury, serenity and solidity - all are integral features of the classical direction. Truly a space of grand luxury and opulence, this hall is more of a living space than an entry foyer. While a large foyer may seem excessive, it serves a great purpose for the house. We relate the different elements, such as fine architectural details, functional elements, and sophisticated furnishings within this space, to achieve balance and symmetry and to give character to whole design conception. The luxury atmosphere comes from a range of details and decor.

Excellent classic interior of the private residence hall - view #2

An imposing staircase design and large entrance hall creates the wow factor and provides the perfect first impression for guests. Sophisticated classic pattern design of natural stone flooring in prestigious Marbles such as Emperador Dark, Caramel and Crema Marfil marbles emphasizes magnificence and luxury of this space. Marble is also used in a floor covering of the galleries on hall split-level space and staircases. The wide staircase provides a necessary combination with straight lines that define the rest of the interior.

Excellent classic interior of the private residence hall - view #3

The big genuine fireplace, lined with beige marble, is the pinnacle of luxury and elegance with which is impregnated the whole atmosphere of the hall. For this fireplace, we have installed the Schmid Lina 160 stove which has a big sliding-up glass door 160 cm lengths and 110 cm high. This is a really huge luxurious fireplace with Crema Marfil grandeur marble portal, generously decorated with carved elements which we carefully designed specifically for the owners.

The natural beauty and lasting qualities of marble stone make it the only choice for the classic interiors. Columns and pilasters of the first floor of the hall are also finished in Crema Marfil marble with mirror inserts.

Excellent classic interior of the private residence hall - view #4

Decor, furniture and specific details throughout the hall create an elegant, fine-tuned result. In the interior of the first level of this hall, we used TURRI sofas, armchairs and coffee tables from the Baroque collection and Riva Mobili d`Arte console tables from Raffles collection. This luxurious classic style furniture is functional, comfortable and fits in the interior of this hall perfectly. Beige, cream, brown and gold colors in the furniture, textiles and finishing materials create the atmosphere of the refined luxury.

Excellent classic interior of the private residence hall - view #5

For the staircases, we have designed an excellent handrail from the gold galvanized metal with overlays of hand-rail from a wenge. Illumination of marble steps of a staircase is executed by BMC Aruba lamps Walls of the central flight of stair are finished by plaster elements and mirror glass panels in the form of crystals on which placed Osgona Lusso sconces. The central flight of staircase also illuminated by hidden ceiling LED lamps and magnificent chandelier Osgona Champa.

Excellent classic interior of the private residence hall - view #6

We have designed space of the ladder hall in the same stylistics as with the main part of the hall, and have placed Modenese Gastone armchairs and console tables there. For windows decoration, we choose well-draped and shape-keeping tissues, such as plush, heavy silk and satin. A soothing color palette of cream, beige and brown in the main hall emphasizes luxury and magnificence of space. The colors are truly united. Simple lines and textures are well suited to this area’s purpose.

Excellent classic interior of the private residence hall - view #7

Everything has to be solid and respectable here, every detail, even the smallest one is chosen carefully, because the little things make up the big picture.

To illuminate the higher level of the hall we used crystal chandeliers by Osgona Nativo, lamps are made with the use of crystals and qualitative glass. The classic style chandeliers by Osgona truly are the pieces of art. The chandeliers placed strictly in the central zones of the ceiling, so the light is distributed evenly, which gives the interior a finished look. In addition, to the ceiling lights, we decorated the gallery in the second level of the hall with Osgona Nativo sconces.

Excellent classic interior of the private residence hall - view #8

The space of the second level of the hall unites galleries of the second and the third floors. This is a huge flowing space which bears transit function and shakes imagination by a richness of the finishing. Here we have a marble balustrade and walls designed and decorated with a sophisticated plaster decor. Hall walls handmade finishing with the Venetian plaster.

Excellent classic interior of the private residence hall - view #9

Classic style does not accept the ‘cheap’ finishing: all materials are natural and unique, therefore expensive and high-quality. Interior design in a classic style is far from being the cheapest solution, yet such a design is always topical and independent from fashion trends. To order a design solution in classic style by VicWorkStudio means to create a unique artistic composition, where every detail is carefully selected and stands in harmony with others.

Author of the project - architect, interior designer Victor Kucherenko.