The Interior design of a classic style Family Dining Room

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We are glad to present to you our latest work within the project of the interior design for H Residence. This is a classic style interior design of the dining room in the H Residence. This wonderful bright Dining Room is located in the northeast corner on the first floor of the house. It is located directly above the Main Ground Floor Kitchen and looks out upon the garden.

The Dining Room is combined with Family Kitchen, the small Family Kitchen zone is designed for the use by the Family. The special luxurious feature for the Dining Room is the availability of serving through the window of the adjacent room by a dumbwaiter connected to the Main Kitchen on the ground floor. This gorgeous dining room in white, beige and brown shades is also accented by classical decor elements.

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The classic patterned design of the natural stone flooring from rare, prestigious Marbles, such as Emperador Dark, Caramel and Crema Marfil marbles is designed especially for the client. Emperador Dark marble is used in kitchen working surface design and as decorative elements of wall finishing. This bright dining room with the mid-sized dining table Visionnaire Esmeralda by IPE Cavalli goes with the comfortable seating places, available for eight persons. The Visionnaire Esmeralda Dining chairs are gloss-white painted leather and wood masterpieces with golden metallic elements. White kitchen chairs together with this excellent table are perfect for our dining room interior.

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The large golden metallic chandelier with the crystals by Osgona Battitura hangs above the dining table. The wonderful wall-lamps by Osgona Battitura, which are placed on the mirror glass facet paneling, surrounding the portal for TV, create the play of light in the reflected space. This composition with facet mirrors looks astonishing, embodying the portal to the world of beauty which is reflected in him. The designed built-in mirror is a classic solution which looks absolutely amazing if applied properly in interior decor.

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Interestingly, the white glossy finishing of kitchen furniture makes an awesome impression of magnificence and luxury. All kitchen furniture is thought over by us thoroughly with every detail. Important addition of this interior is the console tables designed by us, being functional and esthetic elements they are located near the windows and are ideal for a function of servings. The white color of kitchen furniture looks amazing and has a visually enlarging effect for the room, and fits in perfectly with the classic style decoration. Moreover, the white paint is also a timeless choice which adds airiness and the light to a kitchen and dining room. Besides, it leaves a lot of space for impressive colors and personal elements.

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The white-colored cabinets are central for the design of this interior. The glossy white furniture elements together with the dark brown, light beige and cappuccino marble colors create an atmosphere which is aimed to be relaxing and inspiring at the same time. The dark brown, beige and golden shades work perfectly with each other, creating an extremely chic and sophisticated feeling in this kitchen and dining room interior design.

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Author of the project - architect Victor Kucherenko.