Luxury guest Bedroom Interior design in Art Deco style

Luxury and Glamour Bedroom Interior Design in Art Deco style image01

This spacious Guest Bedroom which is located in the northeast part of the second floor of the house. It is a comfortable bedroom with its own bathroom. As long as it ought to be the very welcoming and relaxing sleeping space for guests, it should also tell us about the owner’s character, essence. Thus, it should be the place, where guests enjoy resting in a fine and stylish room.

It is always important to understand that besides being the masterpiece of interior design, the bedroom should be also functional and practical for the use of the resident. In order to complete these features of comfort, space has to be sectored for achieving the main goals of bedroom functionality, with no wasted space in the interior design.

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The space of the guest bedroom is divided into two zones. The bed is the central element of the sleeping zone, where everything else is placed around it and positioned in accordance with it. And the bed is positioned opposite to the windows, ideally facing the wonderful garden view.

The glamorous round Paolo Lucchetta bed from Tiffany collection is our best choice for this bedroom project. In addition to the bed, we have also chosen Caracole Gold nightstands which looks excellent and perfectly approaches the style. It is also important for the guest comfort to have a proper place for storing their personal belongings for the time of their stay at the owner’s mansion, so as accomplish this demand we designed the embedded cabinet.

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The seating place may be optional in the guest rooms, however, it also may be a good solution so as to add some special welcoming emotions to the interior. This would also highlight that this is the luxurious bedroom, the perfect place for the comfortable and beautiful armchairs Paolo Lucchetta from Tiffany collection, placed near the console table with a wide mirror. There is no doubt, the guests should really feel amazed by the interior design from the very first moment they enter this bedroom, and a grouping of lovely seats is just a perfect spot to enjoy the whole atmosphere of luxury and creativity.

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When it comes to the bedroom lighting, it is especially vital to over-thought every options minimum twice before agreeing under the final lighting project. Because the natural lighting effect is so essential to achieving harmony and efficiency in the composition with the artificial lighting, here we also think about functionality first. Thus, to create beautiful and practical lighting we apply a set of various light sources, to make it useful, easier to control and set up the needed effect. In the interior design of this guest bedroom, there are the central chandeliers, wall lamps and bedside lamp Osgona from Alveare collection. Finally, the overall lighting composition perfectly coincides with the color scheme and the decor of the guest bedroom.

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Moreover, the walls of the bedroom are finished by the wood panels and painted in white shades with the light beige crocodile leather textured inserts. The classical dark hardwood flooring inspires warm and welcoming emotions, shades of white, light beige and dark wood colors look gorgeous in the combination with some golden elements in the interior. The Guest Bedroom interior is both beautiful and functional, as we wanted it to be from the very beginning of the project. Eventually, it should be pointed out that the interior design of the guest room corresponds to all requirements of the owner.

Author of the project - architect Victor Kucherenko.