Living Room interior design in elegant Classic style

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This is the project of the Living Room in the private residence. This Living Room is located in the southeast corner of the first floor of the house. As long as the family room is the heart of every private house, it is, certainly, the room where family and friends gathering to talk, relax and enjoy themselves and the company of each other.

Thus, it is important to take into account all the essential factors, such as sunlight exposure and choosing furnishings and accessories, a mix of colors and different textures. For us, it is always vital to pay close attention to the use of various mediums of our design, such as color, scale, weight, space, and light, as all of these play important roles in achieving our overall goal – a united interior design.

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When we think about how to design a living room, we always start from considering the comfort and purpose. It is true that furniture and decor form the core basis in setting up a room in classic style. This Classic living room has two focal points. The first point, which should be highlighted, is a group of the loveseat with two side-tables and two armchairs by Estelio Palazzo, located just around the big coffee-table by TURRI Baroque. A second vital point is a three seats big sofa by Estelio Palazzo in the composition with the TV stand by TURRI Baroque. In this living room interior, we have placed also two console tables and the showcase by TURRI Baroque collection.

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The aesthetic lighting is vital to the overall effect of living room interior design. The Living Room lighting is special and that always comes to functionality which is matters. To create beautiful and functional lighting we apply a set of various light sources. Moreover, for an extra decorative touch, we use candles and small lamps effectively in the key places around the living room for delicate light and atmospheric effects. There is the general illumination from the ceiling by the linear LED lamps, recessed spotlights, wall lamps, desk lamps, and of course, central chandelier. In an interior of this living room, we have used a chandelier, wall lamps and table lamps by Osgona Ampollo. Generally, all the lighting perfectly coincides with the color scheme and the overall decor.

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The walls of the living room are finished by the wood panels, painted in white color with Escolys Watford textiles and golden inserts. The magnificent marble flooring with its classical pattern inspires welcoming feelings. Furthermore, in order to induce a more relaxing atmosphere, we have incorporated several neutral shades, by painting walls in creamy colors and using subtle decorations. In this interior, we applied white color, creamy beige and a dark brown color, and some golden inserts. The warm colors add the interior design a playful, social, and cheerful spirit for the Living Room. Thus, the family space looks excellent with color creativity, moving gradually from the darkest to the lightest tones. We have also selected attractive high-quality curtains that match and complement the room’s decor in silk and satin materials.

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The classical living room is a formal and very precise reflection of the owner’s essence.

Author of the project - architect Victor Kucherenko.