Chalet Style Mini Hotel in the Equestrian country club

Chalet Style Mini Hotel - view #1

The plain and quiet three stories 36 room Chalet Style Mini Hotel for "Equides Club" - equestrian club and hotel-park complex with the concept of rehabilitation and recreation, located 24 km from the center of Kiev in the village Lisnyky on the territory of 16 hectares on picturesque hills and fields. The site is located in a beautiful place on the lake, where the charming landscape, clean air, and silence contribute to the feeling of harmony with the surrounding nature. We have designed a hotel project that takes into account all the requirements and expectations of our client.

Chalet Style Mini Hotel site map

This pretty simple hotel which the client needs as an additional facility for hospitality guests of the club. We designed it as BIM model so that the client could take advantage of all the advantages of the building information model in order to reduce the construction time and reduce the financial costs of construction and during the operation of this facility. In addition, our BIM model design allows us to increase transparency of construction performance, and to improve the quality of construction and eventually allows provide the client with an advanced and high-quality building and helps him manage the life cycle of the facility.

Chalet Style Mini Hotel Schematic Design

At an early design stage, when we were just searching for the shape of a building, we had already calculated the geometrical parameters important for the project, the area and volume both certain rooms and zones and in general all building. During the design of the concept, the BIM model of the hotel provided to our customer the all basic data necessary him to this investment project and allowed predicting future operational parameters of this hotel building.

Chalet Style Mini Hotel - view #2

Our design approach based to engage a dialogue between the existing and new buildings on site as well as a dialogue between architecture, environment, and people. We had to fit the building into the already formed environment and make this building a harmonious continuation of this environment. This is one of the main tasks that was successfully and quickly solved using a variable search for a building form based on BIM technology. We designed the shape of the building for the trapezoidal site designated by the client for development. The building has the stone and clinker brick for finishing and together with the wood roof structure reminds a beautiful chalet style alpine architecture and fits perfectly into the environment.

Chalet Style Mini Hotel - view #3

This new building is located in the middle between the line of seven bungalows on one side of the lake and green hill and golf field on another side. The south-west facade of the hotel is directly facing the lake. We would like that hotel guests could see a lake landscape at distance being in a comfortable room. It is natural that we made large glass windows that allow maximizing the view of the beautiful natural scenery around. Twenty-four rooms have a lake view and twelve rooms have a garden and park view.

Chalet Style Mini Hotel - view #4

Our design of the plain hotel became an important element in this environment were an architecture, people and nature are in harmony. By this design, we have one more time confirmed four most important advantages of the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling): speed, accuracy, high quality, and smart economy. That completely correspond with the principles of work of the VicWorkStudio team. If you intend to build a new hotel or renovate your existing hotel, we will help you reduce costs and reduce construction time using the building information model. Contact us and we will provide you with all the advantages of BIM design.

Chalet Style Mini Hotel - view #5

Author of the project - architect Victor Kucherenko.